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Whether you are a seasoned trader and investor, or new to options trading, and investing, we have created this podcast for you. We have packed each episode with actionable strategies, tips for success and analysis to help you gain confidence in your trading.


What You Get in Each Episode

Watch and Learn from Sarah and TJ every week as they share their trade set ups, market analysis and most importantly, tips to help you trade better than ever. Each episode will share the realities of trading options and the markets. You will hear tips and tricks by retail traders, for retail traders. Yes, finally a show that delves in to trading for people just like you!

We are well known around the world for a consistent approach to the market with a down to earth approach to trading. We believe that anyone can trade, but you need to have access to real trading information without the gimmicks, which is why we do what we do, to help retail traders. If you want to get right to meat of trading, this show is for you.

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Should you hold both long and short positions in your account at the same time? If the market is rallying should you look to buy puts on stocks that are moving lower, or ignore these stocks in favor of stocks that are moving up with the market.

In this episode of the SCT Podcast we will discuss whether you should play both sides of the market just to be safe, or if the better strategy is to always trade with the market momentum and direction.

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Apple just passed one trillion dollars in market capitalization. This is a new milestone for the stock, but what does it mean for the average investor?

Should you buy Apple now, or is it too late now that Apple is making all time highs?

In this episode of the SCT Podcast we discuss our opinions on Apple stock if we think that it is a good trade or if the ship has sailed.

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The market is beginning to dismiss any news as a non event. With the many and ongoing news stories to make headlines, the market looks like it is tiring and resisting making any sudden moves. The shock and awe moments seemed to have changed to ho hum just another news story moments.

The market needs to move, it's like a shark, if the market doesn't move then there is no market. 

In this episode of the SCT podcast we discuss how the market is essentially ignoring the most recent comments from the President and actually moving upwards in an opposite direction to what would be anticipated. We also discuss how this lack of reaction is building and might culminate in a large unexpected move.

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There are many ways to trade the broad market, from futures to ETF's traders have many ways to place trades and participate in the broad market.

Indexes like the S&P500 and the DOW are talked about daily in the media, but they can also be traded.

In this episode of the SCT Podcast we focus on how to trade the S&P500 index using ETF's and the SPX cash settled index. We discuss the differences between the SPY and SPX and the strategies for trading each. 

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This summer promises to be a volatile summer. With the many factors impacting the market to continue over the summer traders will continue to be able to find great setups as the market should keep moving until the fall.

In this episode of the SCT Podcast we discuss where we think the market will move this summer and the best strategies we are using to make the most of the continuing volatility.

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In this episode of the SCT Podcast the team discusses if the small cap rally will last despite the weakening of the large cap indexes. Are the small cap indexes a place to invest during this uncertain political time?

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