Shecantrade Foundations Indicator

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This indicator can be used for any product or market you trade; stocks, options, ETF’s or futures. The indicator shows where momentum is building in the market and when the product you are trading is ready for a break out move. It will show you both the direction and strength of the potential move making this a helpful tool to enter trades, determine profit targets, and select trade exits. It can be a helpful guide as a part of your established trading decision making or used as a ready-made model trading system.

In addition to helping you find trades, it will help define strength in the board markets, such as the S&P 500 and the Dow. The indicator can be used to assemble a watch list of trades and can help you help you avoid fake outs or false moves, helping to prevent you from buying the top or selling the bottom of a move.

It can be used to day trade, swing trade, or used for long term investing. This straightforward and powerful indicator is used by a professional trader daily and has proven its flexibility, and accuracy.

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