Trading Accelerator - 5 Week Course

Trading Accelerator - 5 Week Course

Level: All

Account Size: All

Length: 5 Weeks

This is a study at your own pace course, course modules can be watched at any time.

Traders are often using strategies that are outdated, or ineffective in the options market. The 5 lesson Trading Accelerator program will teach you how to effectively find better opportunities in the market to refine your options trading set ups, market approach and trade management. The program will help improve your ability to find quality options trades with high probabilities of success. You deserve to be the best trader you can be in the market, and this program will give you the tools you need to determine your areas of strengths and successes in the markets and help you identify and improve on the areas that are keeping you from making money trading options. You can be your own trading advisor, she can trade, and so can you.

Sarah is a well known professional retail trader using cutting edge approaches in the options markets today. She at the leading edge of the industry helping retail traders dig through the clutter and enabling them to implement the best trading strategies for their trading personality. Trading in a way that matches your personality as a trader is one of the ways to improve your chances in the ever changing options market. Sarah has coached countless traders, allowing them to significantly improve their knowledge of options and setting them up with the tools that allow them to place base and to be able to execute better trade opportunities.

When you sign up the 5 lesson Trading Accelerator Workshop you will get:

  • A trading plan for the 5 weeks of the course
  • A new options trading course sent to you each week for the 5 weeks, that you can review at your own pace
  • A Trader Development Plan where you will develop your skills each week, building on the previous weeks learning
  • Weekly trader development exercises that are reviewed personally by Sarah
  • Sarah’s personal shortlist of potential trades emailed to you each week
  • 2 20min phone call consults with Sarah booked during the five week program

What will you get for your investment?

  • A Scalable approach to the options markets designed for all account sizes
  • Better ways to identify trades
  • Ways to identify how to maximize profits from the trades you are in
  • How to pinpoint the best time to enter your trades
  • Strategies to improve your trading resilience, psychology and long term outlook

Each week will be broken down into specific areas for trading growth


  1. Find better trades
  2. Trading Psychology
  3. Trade Monitor and Improvement
  4. Refining Trade Entries and Exits
  5. Implement Your Trading Strategy

This isn’t a 2hr course that you are used to, this is an in depth course with personalised feedback. The greatest advantage of this course it that over the 5 weeks you really get to see how the strategies will work and how to approach the markets. You get an options trading course from beginning to end that provided you with enough time to fully understand and get feedback on the concepts that you have learned. Best of all for the 5 weeks you will be accountable to help you stick to your trading plan, this is one of the best ways to make changes in your current trading.

Price: $997.00 USD