Improving Trading Probabilities With the Options Chain

Improving Trading Probabilities With the Options Chain

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Account Size: All

Length: 4 Hours

The course will be available under "Member Resources" then " My Courses" immediately after purchase.

The options chain is full of great information that will assist you in improving your success trading options. Some traders rely on the options chain alone to place trades. Most traders use the options chain for pricing information only, as the vast amount of information can be overwhelming. Often there is valuable information contained in the chain that if you know how to find it, will keep you out of some losing trades.

You need to take this course if you want to improve your understanding of the options chain and how to use it to improve your trading.

During this 2 hour course and 2 hours of trading session Sarah will share:

  • How to set up your options chain, what information to display and what information is not needed
  • Combining the options chains with charts, to build evidence and increase your probabilities of success
  • How to look for clues to where stock price might move
  • Remove the mystery surrounding the “Greeks”
  • How to identify anomalies in the options chain, and how to take advantage of these trades

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