Advanced Trade Management Techniques

Advanced Trade Management Techniques

Total length of course is 4 hours

How you exit trades can sometimes mean the difference between making money and losing money. The course will discuss the various strategies for exiting trades that are making money and losing money.

In the course TJ will discuss:

  • Trade management of winning trades, the strategies to maximize profits
  • Trade management of losing trades, when to cut your losses and when to stick with the trade
  • How to adjust trades - sometimes the trade is right but the timing is off
  • Determine when to exit and if adjusting trades makes sense
  • Where to place the trade, how much to spend and more order management techniques
  • When, why and how to roll trades to avoid losses and re evaluate risk/reward
  • Trading in the short term and long term – when to adjust your trade set ups depending on market behavior
  • And much more...

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Price: $497.00 USD