Better Trade Set Ups While GOOGLing

After earnings and seeing the stock pop up, many investors might be wondering what to do next with GOOGL?

GOOGL has been pushing higher since its recent earning announcement, after jumping up to the $900 range last month, it looks as though might be actually ready to take a breather.

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How Having Children Has Influenced My Trading

Trading gives you the ultimate flexibility to trade whenever you want to. Over the years, I was able to look at the market and place trades, but also be able to go for long runs (something I enjoy), be outside, travel (vacation in California and leave the cold weather behind), and basically enjoy a lifestyle doing the things I love the most.

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3 Tips to Trade a Volatile Market

With the recent market events, and continuing market uncertainty how can traders have exposure to the market to capitalize on big moves, while managing their risk? Here are 3 easy ways that an options traders can increase their chances for successful trades in a volatile market:

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3 Myths About Risk

Any trader wants to find ways to lower risk and increase reward. A risk free trade is probably a holy grail that some traders aspire to attain but there are myths about risk that you should be aware of. Don’t get trapped by these ‘myths’ about trading risk…

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Is a ‘Call’ Just a ‘Call’?

Trading options allows the options trader the ability to trade many different ways. If one traders says they know how to trade a “call”, it doesn’t mean that another trader will trade a call the same way.

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Exiting a Call in Visa

In this video we discuss the reasons why we entered and exited a call in Visa in the live trading room

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Trading a Possible Reversal in PRGO

Stocks don’t move up or down for ever. Even a stock that is trending up or down will have times when it retraces or changes direction.

PRGO is a stock that in my opinion looks like it could be traded either to the downside or to the upside.

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Trading Rules for a Successful Transition To Trade A New Market or Trade Set Up

When a trader is looking for more trades, it can feel like there are so many trades out there, but they are just out of reach. I have some specific rules that I follow when I'm adding a new trade set up or new stock to my watch list. Here is how to know where to begin to add a new trade set up to your existing trade choices:

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Trading in the Digital Age

With all of the technologies that have been created over the years, we have seen a drastic change in the way traders trade. Even though we still see representations of trading with people screaming with their hands waving at each other in a trading pit, or on a trading floor, todays trading is pretty well all done online.

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5 Telecom Stocks to Dial In

Due to the popularity of smart phones and other wireless devices, you might think that the telecom industry should be booming, the reality is that the telecom sector continues to underperform the broad markets. 2013 was a strong year for stocks with the S&P500 gaining close to 30%

The telecom sector did not perform as well, according to Morningstar the sector was up around 14%. So far this year the same trend continues, to date, the S&P500 is down 0.96%, and the telecom sector dipped even lower down 5.11%.

While investors may dismiss these markets as opportunities to buy the stock, trading option provides a much better quality approach.

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