You Can Trade Tips: SPOT the call debit spread option

Have you ever spotted a special sale, but didn’t feel the urgency to act on it? By the time you decide to buy those “50% off” pants or “75% off” day-old donuts…the sale has ended and you have a tinge of regret. That’s what is happening right now with a stock that I highlighted in my latest trading tutorial video.

Stock Tip of the Week: SPOT

Spotify made a lot of noise when it launched its IPO back in April. And like many IPOs, the music streaming service’s stock made large moves and bounced around for a while.

The stock has recently settled around the $180 spot. Going forward, the technicals suggest that Spotify is setting up for some exciting trading opportunities. For instance, when you look at the weekly chart, you can see that prices have started to move back up again and we only really have resistance at $181.70 – which is right where we are trading.

As such, you can try some trading strategies with the assumption that Spotify will move higher. Click on the video above to learn more about the different ways you can take advantage of this opportunity, by using strategies such as call debit spread options. This strategy is great for times like this, when you are bullish on a particular stock. In this case, SPOT looks quite promising from both a fundamental and technical point of view.

Other strategies for SPOT from my tutorial video include:

  • Simply making a call option
  • Looking for a target type of trade – with hopes that SPOT can rise up to $195
  • Making a “at the money” call (all explained in the video)

It’s easy to spot the difference between a trader and a watcher

I get emails every week from casual viewers that have followed my YouTube tutorials and have tracked my trades. And the most common theme from these emails is: “I wish I made a move on your stock recommendation!”

That’s when I usually smile, shake my head, and reply: “They are not stock recommendations. The videos are of me making LIVE trades in MY OWN portfolio.”

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No one ever made extra money or changed their lives by just watching the markets. It is time do what I did a few years ago and just make the decision to: Learn. Act. Earn.

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