When to Enter, Exit…and Re-Enter a Stock

If Kenny Rogers was an options trader, he might write a song that goes something like this: "You gotta know when to Enter. Know when to walk away…and know when to Enter again…"

Knowing when to buy a stock is one thing. Knowing the right time to get out before it starts losing steam is another thing...and having the insight to get back into that same stock during its downturn would make you a very profitable trader.

I was able to ride Starbucks for a productive enter, exit, and re-entry trading session recently. Those viewers that followed me on my live trading tutorial video were also able to take advantage in Starbucks' stock movements. Here's how we did it:

Starbucks was attractive from both a short-term and long-term perspective. I was able to help my viewers take advantage of this stock’s movements with three key tips – that we acted on live:

  • Taking in to account how much the stock moved already
  • Knowing when to exit once the stock moved beyond its average true range
  • Keeping in mind that stocks rarely have large movements on consecutive days

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You can always go get a Starbucks at any time…but you have to keep an eye out for a timely Starbucks stock tip. Follow me every week and we’ll find the next trading opportunity together.

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