This Stock is Poised to Breakout


The question I get asked most often from viewers and students is: What stock do you recommend right now?

It’s a very direct question. Fortunately, due to the technical nature of Options Trading, I usually can give a very direct answer. That’s what makes Options Trading so unique. In addition to looking at company fundamentals and news…Options Trading offers clear trends and indicators when a stock is poised to take off.

Stock Tip of the Week: CRM

Recently, I’ve been looking at CRM as a breakout candidate. CRM is of course, – the customer relationship management company that is prevalent in almost all industries and offices with their cloud and software sales products. As such, it is considered a solid buy based on the strength of the company alone, even before we take a look at the stock’s Options Trading potential.

If you click on the video, you’ll get my 2-minute take on why CRM offers an options trader a great opportunity to make some profits right now. Here are some highlights from the video:

  • How to identify a stock that is poised to breakout – using simple charts
  • Looking at CRM’s trend past the $100 mark and how it was able to stay above that level
  • Watching CRM as it was able to move from $100 to $150 – and monitoring the slight pushback at the $150 levels
  • Looking for some resistance when CRM tried to move past its current price levels…and identifying when to jump in
  • Is $200 possible?

CRM looking good

Don’t Miss Your Window of Opportunity

The thing about valuable Options Trading stock tips is…they are based on timing, trends, and momentum. For instance, a tip this week about CRM might be good for a day or two before the stock potentially takes flight – and you’ve missed your window.

Get started now by learning more about Options Trading, tips, and trends by browsing my free courses, or by diving in right away with online trading seminars that have helped thousands of my students create profitable, and sometimes life-changing, portfolios of their own.

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