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At Shecantrade, we are more than trading courses and a trading room that focuses on options trading. Sure, we have live trades that are entered and exited in the trading room, we provide detailed mobile trade alerts of all of our open and closed positions, and we explain our reasoning behind every trade (both the why and the why nots) but we are something different, we listen to our members and provide the products and services that you are looking for. Thanks to you, we are very excited to announce the launch of two new free services, Shecantrade review report and “Free Options Trading Lessons”.

Shecantrade is a website that offers options trading for a perspective that is most relevant for you, the retail trader!

The Shecantrade review will be the first of a monthly series that will focus on a review of Shecantrade, the options trades and strategies we are trading in these market conditions. Each review will focus on a review of the broad market, and a Shecantrade review of our top stock pick this month. This analysis will give you the opportunity to gain insights into how we at Shecantrade are viewing the market, anticipating upcoming trade set ups, and useful tips to help you with your own options trading. The best part is it is all free.

Here is a sneak peak of the Shecantrade review report:

Shecantrade review of the broad market:

The last few months have seen the markets change directions and transition from an upward trending market to periods of consolidation. While we have been trading through the summer with 6-9 trades place every week on average, others who have taken a vacation from the market have missed some excellent trading.

It seemed that the last month saw the ES wanting to make new highs, but struggling to stay comfortably above the 2440 level. As markets moved into this resistance we saw the markets sell off again. While June was a good month of movement (and trades), we saw a slower July. There were still a number of trades and great trading opportunities and weekly options proved to continue to be a great way to place trades.

If you are a live trading room member, you know that at Shecantrade we review the ES in particular every day to form the backbone of our decisions to trade. Using the broad market has helped narrow down what types of individual trades to look for. I am confident that this method of reviewing the broad market. For example, if the markets are consolidating and stuck within a range, Shecantrade will focus our review of individual trading instruments that are also moving in tight range and use the levels of support and resistance to sell premium outside of the range.

Shecantrade Review of Options Trading Strategy

Shecantrade has continued to trade through all of the market conditions by favoring the strategies that work in favour of how the market is already moving rather than guessing where it will move next. A review of our trades from the last month show that most successful trades are placed in the same direction of the trend.

Interestingly, in June, we weren’t filled on as many credit spreads as we usually do. June saw a slower month of filled credit spreads with two credit spread trades filled (and both were profitable), four credit spreads that we tried to enter but were never filled, and zero losing credit spread trades. When we compare this trade set up to July, Shecantrade traded 10 credit spread winning trades, four credit spread trades that weren’t filled and zero losing spread trades.

June and July had more trades where we focused on direction rather then just selling premium. June brought many trades that we closed out for profit in under 48 hours. Our profit targets were hit much faster than what we had originally set up the trade to do. The timing of our entries at Shecantrade were spot in.

Shecantrade Trading Tip

What matters most is to be flexible with both selling and buying options trading strategies and noticing if there are levels that are creating ranges that price of a trading instrument is staying in. When you notice a range forming (especially in a daily chart), you can use the range as entry and exit targets. Use the range to trade rather than trying to guess when the range will be broken. Set your targets just inside of the range. I have personally been trading more directional trades this way by identifying a range and buying as price is at the bottom of a range and selling it as it moves to the top of the range.

Shecantrade Announcement

This summer marked the first group to participate in the Trading Accelerator 5 Week Mentorship Program. This learning opportunity sold out but registration is open for the next group which will begin August 21st. This program gives you 5 options trading courses, weekly exercises, one on one coaching, weekly trade watchlists, personalise support and mentoring. Check out more information at

  Winning Credit Spread Trades Credit Spread Trades Not Filled Credit Spread Losing Trades
June 2 4 0
July 10 4 0

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