Long Trades for a Down Market

The Chinese characters for "crisis" also represent the word for “opportunity”. Is this correction an opportunity, or a signal of more selling to come? In all market corrections there are stocks that will remain strong and continue to move up despite the downturn in the broad market.

In my latest live trading tutorial, I identified Clorox (CLX) as a great example of a stock that can help investors clean up during a market spill.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • I believe that the markets are still in an uptrend overall, and this recent slide is not a precursor to a major market correction.
  • Market downturns can offer investors opportunities to find both long term bargains and short term trades.
  • CLX is a great example of a stock that pulled back along with the market…but then showed signs of rebounding, ahead of the market.
  • Learn how I use the Exponential Moving Average in my trading strategies

Watch me Trade Live and learn how to take advantage of future stock opportunities in real-time.

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