Could $10K Change Your Career?

I was listening to the radio the other day and the DJ was playing a contest where the caller had to say “stop” and collect whatever money was offered before the alarm rang. If the alarm rang before they could cash out…they were left with nothing. The grand prize was $10,000.

$100…The caller kept going… $1,090…he was hanging tight… $3,060…Oh, now it was getting interesting…would you cash out by now? …. ALARM!

The caller lost out on over $3k. But I was impressed that he didn’t seem too fussed about it.

DJ: “Oh man, how are you feeling, losing all that dough?” Caller: “It’s okay, $3k would be nice. But to tell you the truth…even $10k wouldn’t change my life.”

That’s where he lost me. We all dream of winning a million dollars…but in reality, suddenly getting $10k is more realistic. It could come from a nice bonus at work, an early inheritance, or even a gift. What you do with that seemingly modest windfall determines if it is a game changer or not. I should know…$10k changed my life.

How $10k Can Be a Game-Changer

A few years ago, I was a teacher, studying for my Masters of Education degree. I was interested in the markets but found everything I read to be overly complicated. But I kept learning, until I was ready to make my first trade.

I understood that $10k was the minimum investment needed to make any kind of dent in Options Trading. I took a deep breath and invested in myself. I started with $10k, my account grew, and now I live an entirely different life style.

At my best I was returning over 200% per year. At my worst…just over 50%. Much to my parents’ dismay, I left my teaching job and turned my Options Trading “hobby” into a career.

The former teacher in me wanted to share what I learned about Options Trading with others. I published a book How You Can Trade Like a Pro and launched Since then, I was featured and collaborated with the likes of, Scotia iTrade, Tradestation, TD Bank, Yahoo Finance, and many more throughout the financial industry.

You Can Trade

$10k and the willingness to learn something new turned into a new career, new adventures, and financial freedom for my family. Over the past few years, I’ve had the pleasure of helping others achieve the same by simply:

We’re living in an incredible time in history where aspiring movie directors can learn how to be filmmakers simply by watching the behind the scenes extras on DVDs, popular recording artists have started out by honing their craft on YouTube…and anyone can change their career and become a successful options trader by signing up for online tutorials.

I leave you with a quote from an Eminem’s film 8 Mile (I know, not exactly Citizen Kane, but hear me out):

“If something needs to happen, it needs to happen now”

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