A Breakdown of the Live Options Trading Room at Shecantrade

Everyday, Shecantrade reviews the market to look for options trades. Our approach is to find high quality, consistent trades using both monthly and weekly options. We place trades in a way that any options trader, whether you are a part time trader, retired, new to trading or a seasoned trader, you can benefit from the trades, analysis and free trading lessons.

We are looking for opportunities every day to trade ourselves and share those trades and analysis with members, using our own real accounts. Traders from the trading room benefit from seeing live trades by retail traders, for retail traders. But this probably sounds like every other trading room out there…so let me share with you why we believe our options trading room is different:

Shecantrade is retail trading

The larger account you have to trade with, usually means you can trade more like institutionals and less like a real person. What might be good for a big trading desk, isn’t worth the risk for the average trader. Unless you are trading with millions of dollars, you should be trading like a retail trader, which means trading within the all too real constraints of your account size. You can trade 10 options contracts in a $15,000 account, but should you? Probably not.

Types of Trades

In the options trading room we love to trade weekly options. You will see that the majority of our trades are swing trades using weekly options. We trade with expiries as short as 1 day out to a few weeks. We will place some monthly options trades on occasion, but by far, the options markets today provide amazing opportunities for the trader who focuses on weekly options. You will see our variations of trade set ups from a range of strategies like credit spreads, buying calls and puts in the money, at the money and out of the money, selling puts, iron condors, and the occasional straddle. We will trade stocks, etfs, indexes, and some occasional options on futures. We want to offer trades that are accessible for real people, active investors and retail traders, we are traders just like you, and can relate to what you have experienced as a trader, because we have too.

We compare one stock to another

Anyone can call trades in any trading instrument, at anytime but it is the ability to compare different trades and strategies to be able to time trades to find optimal trade entries. For example, today in the trading room we compared the pros and cons of trading $PEP (Pepsi) vs. $KO (Cocacola). The debate wasn’t about which drink tasted better, instead we focused our discussion on what we say in terms of how price was moving. While at the time of this post I am holding a PEP call, I was thinking of exiting the trade in favor of looking for what I think might be more momentum potential in KO. Members heard specific strikes, expiry and cost of the option and various values.

A Plan for Good Trades and Losing Trades

It is important to hear from a professional options trader about the plan for a trade when it works and when it doesn’t. Sure we all want every trade to make money, our live options trading room at Shecantrade is known for the many trades we exit for profit, but it is important to hear why and where we are choosing to exit specific trades (either good or bad). For example, today in the trading room we discussed a 152.5/148 put credit spread strategy in MCD which expires this week. This trade has been making money for us for a few days, but we discussed and showed you different plans to exit the trade. Ultimately, after a review of the trade, we exited the trade for profit and the members saw her enter the trade and execute it in her options chain for everyone to see.

The same goes for trades that aren’t working out. We never hide our trades. Every one of trades are discussed and reviewed each day. Often members find the most learning can happen in a trade that is losing money rather than all of the winners. Understanding when to let a trade go versus rolling or adjust an options trade is value information. In the trading room, you will hear and see us manage the trades with pointers about how to personalise it for yourself.

The Live Options Trading Room is Recorded

Each trading room will have trades that you can see and learn from, but we understand that you may not have the time to be able to sit in front of the computer with each trading session. We offer recordings of the trading room so that you can go back and review the content. We can get in to a lot of learning and explanations in the trading room and sometimes members like to go back to hear what we discussed or to further your learning.

Texting Service

All of our trades placed in the live options trading room are also texted out to members. Many of our texting members, who don’t have access to the live trading room received our entries and exits of the trades sent directly to your handheld. Our mobile trade alerts are sent out as the trades are being placed in real time.

We are real people

Sarah Potter believes that trading and DIY investing is a conversation that our population tends to ignore, or feel too embarrassed to discuss. Conversations around money are often filled with secrecy and emotion. Shecantrade is changing the conversation and breaking down barriers so that anyone who wants to trade, can. It is time that we all feel more comfortable with the markets and begin to improve financial literacy, especially when it comes to DIY investing in options. We at shecantrade review the markets daily and are passionate about helping to open doors for other traders who want to learn the skill of trading, or who are looking for more trades to add to their trading toolbox.

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