About How You Can Trade Like a Pro:

How You Can Trade Like a Pro explains the foundational knowledge for the average person to understand how to trade Options and Futures.

The book includes real-life stories of transitioning from a part-time to full-time trader and Sarah’s signature “Trading Tip” comics, this book covers a wide range of trading tools, explaining how to interpret the markets and conduct basic trading and market analysis. Unlike traditional “buy” or “sell” stock strategies requiring large capital investment, this book teaches how to trade using a small account in an entertaining and refreshing way.

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Book outline:

How You Can Trade Like a Pro explains the foundations of trading in a clear and concise manner for the average investor. Readers will learn how to analyse the market to create a trading assumption using straightforward technical analysis, actual trading strategies that Sarah uses, and how to create a trading plan. The trading strategies in this book are detailed strategies used by Sarah and designed for real people who lead busy lives. This book is for anyone who wants to be better educated about the markets to feel empowered to make informed investment and trading decisions.

How You Can Trade Like a Pro differentiates itself by explaining basic trading and market analysis, and details specific skills necessary to interpret the markets. It breaks down barriers and myths that usually preclude people from understanding how to trade. This is a book written for real people who want to understand how they can trade for themselves. How You Can Trade Like a Pro explains the foundational tools needed to learn the skill of trading and better understand the markets.

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