About the Shecantrade Options Traders

Sarah Potter Trader


Sarah Potter is the author of How You Can Trade Like A Pro: Breaking into Options, Futures, Stocks and ETFs (Published by McGraw Hill) and founder of www.shecantrade.com

Sarah’s favorite ways to trade include swing trading options but she will also trade futures, options on futures, etf’s and stocks. Sarah is well regarded as a trading and market expert and is well known for her trading consistency and straightforward options strategies. Her unique skill set including her masters of education means that you not only get the benefit of seeing a great trader, but also learn about trading markets and market analysis in a clear and understandable way.

Sarah Potter and her trades and analysis have been featured in Forbes.com, Tradestation, All Stars of Options, Traders Expo, Scotia iTrade, TheStreet.com, Yahoo Finance, AOL Daily Finance, Active Trader Magazine and more.


After a career in various investing firms and mutual fund companies, TJ decided it was time to focus his energy on trading for himself. Using his professional background and experience, he now shares his live trades, market analysis and trading insights with the members of the SCTrade live trading room.

TJ’s experience ranges from technical analyst, fundamental researcher and trading in the derivatives and equity markets. He has spent countless hours refining his trade set ups and now shares it all with SCTrade members. Whether trading indexes, ETF’s stocks, options or futures, TJ has an eye to find the best trades of the day.

He understands the possibilities of what personal trading can do for you and wants to educate you on the strategies that have worked for him.